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  • David Bird

    Director & Founder at Online Mortgage Advisor and Merchant Advice Service

    “Verve are a refreshingly proactive, organised and very ‘on the ball’ agency who are an absolute pleasure to work with. They’re also able to deliver outstanding results, on a consistent basis. I like working with Verve because they’re good people and we know we can step back, be very hands off and leave them to do what they do best - freeing up greater focus on other areas of the business. The additional bandwidth that brings has a value in and of itself.”

  • Paul McCallum

    Director of Customer Acquisition, Babylon Health

    "Verve have created some truly outstanding SEO campaigns for Babylon over the past year. The excellent coverage and high quality links that these campaigns have generated helped to boost our organic performance. As well as the creative campaigns they have also helped improve our on-site SEO by giving clear instructions as to what we needed to fix across our website. I would definitely recommend Verve to any company looking to improve their SEO performance."

  • Terry Hollingshead

    Head of Digital Marketing, Buzz Bingo

    "The team at Verve Search swiftly developed a strong and collaborative partnership with us at Buzz Bingo - they feel like an extension of our team. Their expertise and commitment to delivering fantastic results is so evident across everything they do from their development of relevant and interesting Creative Content to their Outreach Strategies. We appreciate their attention to detail and their creative approach which has exceeded expectations and quickly made a significant impact on our business."

  • Kit Smith

    SEO Manager, Travelopia

    "We’ve been really impressed with Verve Search since we first started working together. Their approach is creative, thorough and focused on quality, and has helped drive substantial improvements in SEO metrics. The level of coverage of Cuisine Hotspots, our first campaign together, has been seriously impressive, beating our previous best campaign several times over."

  • Anders Nilssen

    Head of PR and Outreach, Go Compare

    “We have been so impressed with the creativity of the campaigns Verve Search have produced for us and the coverage it’s achieved. Their dedication to quality and results is second to none. And it shows in the results.”