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What Makes a Hollywood Hit?

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Is there a secret formula for creating a guaranteed box-office hit? Is there a perfect mix of actors, director and studios to make the most profitable flix? We analysed four decades of film data with Party Casino to see exactly what it takes to makes a box office hit.


1. Achieve a minimum LinkScore of 4,000 points.
2. Increase organic visibility by 25%.
3. Increase non-branded organic traffic by 35%.


We analysed the top 100 films over the past four decades to discover the return on investment for every single one. We did this to determine which actors, directors and studios deliver the movies with the greatest return on investment domestically. By doing this we were able to ascertain which individuals, gender and genres have the best return.

The outcome was:
• Simple – We’ve uncovered which actors, directors and studios are most profitable
• Unexpected – Emilio Estevez tops the table as the most profitable actor
• Concrete – We tell you exactly how actors, directors, and studios compare with each other
• Wide-ranging – By cutting the data in a variety of ways we were able to generate a number of stories from just one campaign

By putting these stories together in a series of shareable, interactive graphs we were confident that we would get a LOT of coverage – and we weren’t wrong!


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• We achieved an increase in organic visibility of 53% (more than double our target)
• We achieved an increase in non-branded organic traffic of 69% (almost double our target)
• ‘Casino’ is a hero term in our client’s (PartyCasino) market – it’s searched 74k times a month on Google in the UK. When we started working with PartyCasino, for that term they were ranked at position 17, occasionally appearing at position 24. By 25th January (towards the end of our engagement with them), they moved to position 10, climbing to page one for the first time ever

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