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Did you know that across Great Britain, thousands of homes have been sitting empty for months and even years at a time? In 2019, we launched a study into the local areas where the empty homes crisis was the most prevalent, using a wealth of data pulled from official government sources and freedom of information requests submitted to hundreds of councils.

Following the success of the original Home Alone campaign, in 2021 we launched Home Alone 2021 with updated data and a sleek new design.


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For both Home Alone 2019 and 2021, we used a combination of sources to gather the huge amount of data we needed. As well as pulling data on long-term vacant homes (defined as having been empty for at least six months) from official government sources, we sent over 400 freedom of information requests to every council in England, Scotland, and Wales to gain an insight into the length of time that longer-term empty housing had been sitting vacant for in each local authority.

Using median house price data for each council in Great Britain, we were also able to find out the collective value of empty housing in each council area.

Freedom of information requests are a great way of accessing interesting data that is otherwise not publicly available. You can find out more about freedom of information requests and how they can be used in our blog.


  • 3079


  • 58

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  • 39

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