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Meet the team that makes it all happen

We’re a team of creative, passionate and knowledgeable individuals of 10 different nationalities, speaking 20 languages. This diversity is what drives our award-winning campaigns, and enables us to grow and support your business on an international scale.






Languages spoken

  • http://Olga

    Olga Rtischeva

    Head of Verve Search

  • http://Cerys%20Rogers

    Cerys Rogers

    Account Manager

  • http://Johndeep%20More

    John More

    PA to Head of Verve Search/Operations Manager

  • http://anna

    Anna Kravcova

    Head of Production

  • http://Amber%20Carnegie

    Amber Carnegie

    Creative Lead

  • Asma Abdallah

    Junior Designer

  • http://nick

    Nick Bushby

    Development Team Lead

  • http://simeon

    Simeon Babadzhanov


  • http://Anu%20Awe

    Anu Awe

    Campaign Coordinator & Researcher

  • http://milap

    Milap Savla

    Data Strategist

  • http://Kiran%20Foolchand

    Kiran Foolchand

    Junior Data Analyst & Storyteller

  • http://Laura%20D'Amato

    Laura D'Amato

    Head of Creative & Outreach Strategy

  • George Tudor-Price

    Senior Outreach & Creative Specialist

  • http://elizabeth

    Elisabeth Thaarup

    Outreach Team Lead

  • http://Tonje%20Odegard

    Tonje Ødegård

    Senior Outreach Team Lead

  • http://Lau

    Laura Stefanovic

    Creative Strategist

  • http://Alexandra%20Bikard

    Alexandra Bikard

    Outreach Specialist

  • Giovanna Castaneda

    Outreach Executive