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Content marketing, outreach and digital PR

Our experienced team of creatives and outreach specialists produce compelling, story-driven content that helps brands to be seen, spoken about and searched for on the internet.

With an outstanding, ever-growing portfolio of case studies in content marketing, you will find our work achieves linked coverage in the most relevant and authoritative websites that each of our brilliant clients aspires to be seen in.

We produce well-executed stories that resonate with the people whose attention you want to attract – namely journalists who write in your sectors for the biggest online publications.

Our formula for content marketing and outreach combines larger campaigns with reactive storytelling. It’s targeted to your industry and it will grow your brand’s presence and authority in the increasingly competitive realm of organic search.

Our approach

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1 . Client and concept strategy

You may not know it yet, but your brand is sitting on a trove of undiscovered stories.

Our client strategies are built on tailored research into the brand, audience, and the wider content marketing landscape. The creative brains at Verve Search consistently conjure up award-winning concepts from a variety of industries that achieve global coverage – and we’re keen to help you realise your storytelling potential.

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2 . Campaign production

With concepts and strategy agreed upon, our in-house production team produces industry-leading campaigns on a scale that deserves to be seen and spoken about.

Our larger campaigns are also supported by more reactive research and stories that will ensure we create as many linkable avenues as possible for each client.

Most importantly of all, our work will always explore newsworthy topics that get people talking, which allows us to secure the most valuable inbound links and attention directed towards your website.

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3 . Outreach and Digital PR

All great content deserves to be seen and shared by as many people as possible.

Our team of multilingual outreach specialists, with backgrounds in traditional PR and journalism, will secure backlinks and media placements from the most-read and authoritative corners of the internet by showcasing your content’s compelling stories to the world.

We’re heavy consumers of current affairs and incorporate our own recipe of data journalism into our process, meaning that our outreach team is ready to leverage reactive PR and digital PR tactics whenever the daily news cycle presents the opportunity to.

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4 . Transparent reporting

We work hard to build strong and transparent relationships with the businesses we partner with. All of our clients have access to a live report that feeds directly from our internal reporting tool, allowing them to follow a campaign’s progress during the crucial outreach stage.

Our reports break down the key metrics that measure a campaign’s success, including keyword rankings, site traffic, and the value of links, which we measure using our unique in-house LinkScore tool. We know that using one metric to measure a link doesn't tell the whole story, so LinkScore combines more than 10 on and off-site SEO metrics to calculate the true value of a link. Our clients play a role in deciding what score they’d like to reach while working with us and we work hard to achieve it.

We always keep our clients updated about our progress and our future plans, keeping a clear line of communication open so they always know what we’re working on and how their campaigns are performing.