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Campaign series: Digital PR success in Spain

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We worked with the online car marketplace carwow to launch four original campaigns in the Spanish market.

The carwow team were looking to grow market share and brand awareness in multiple European markets. We were the natural choice to meet their needs as our outreach team's native speakers have a deep understanding of the unique nuances of the local language and media landscape to authentically adapt creative strategy across the globe.

Carwow was already an established voice in the auto industry, largely due to its popular Youtube channel, which was an important consideration when developing our creative ideas. The final concepts had to work hard if they were going to stand out and add value to carwow’s existing content portfolio.

We also had to consider the sort of content that motoring journalists and carwow’s target audience would want to write and read about. As they already had access to industry and product news, we focussed on offering fresh and original analyses in and around the topic of cars - content they couldn’t get anywhere else.

In developing unique, data-led methodologies for each campaign, we explored themes and issues that motorists care about, trends being talked about in the industry, as well as other aspects of motoring that intersect with money, lifestyle and entertainment sectors.

This ensured that our outreach efforts were not just limited to the motor industry either - by offering concepts with a wide breadth of appeal, we were able to maximise opportunities for authoritative and high-quality linked coverage from a broad spectrum of publications in the Spanish market.

Campaign topics ranged from the best known cars in Hollywood films to which countries were leading the way in e-vehicle infrastructure:


1. Achieve top-tier, relevant and editorially valid links that increase carwow’s ES website and brand authority.
2. Increase organic search rankings to drive more visibility and traffic.
3. Grow audience reach and trust through positioning the client as an industry expert.


For The World’s Favourite Wheels, we analysed more than 300,000 geotagged photos of specific car brands posted on Instagram from all over the world. By assessing the car brand hashtags in public posts, we determined each country’s favourite from how often they were mentioned per 1,000 posts. Audi was found to be the most popular brand amongst Spaniards, with an average of 123.2 photos featuring one for every 1,000 cars geotagged in the country.

The campaign Motors in the Movies sought to determine which cars (and brands) have had the most on-screen appearances over the last 100 years. For this we analysed almost 100k unique inclusions of vehicles listed on the Internet Movie Cars Database (IMCDb) in films from 27 countries. The most iconic cars were determined by having a ‘starring role’, as defined by the IMCDb, and ranked according to their film having the most popularity votes on (looking at you, DeLorean).

Electric Adaptability was inspired by the evergreen and highly-newsworthy topic of electric cars(EVs). Despite the abundance of information out there about EVs, it’s easy to overlook their enduring impracticability to own in many countries. Inspired to quantify these barriers to entry for EV ownership, we created an index based on key factors like the number of publicly accessible charging points and EV sales in 2021/22 to determine which country was leading the electrification race. We also took population and length of road network into account, giving relative, comparable results for each country analysed. While Spain didn’t turn out to be a world leader in EV infrastructure (yet), they did have 65,000 more electric vehicles on the roads in 2021 than in 2020 - the 6th biggest increase globally, relative to the number of charging points.

And finally, for Spain’s Most Beautiful Roadtrips we returned to Instagram but this time to find out the most beautiful, most popular and most peaceful road trips that go through Europe and more specifically, Spain. After researching and creating a seed list of 67 popular road trips, we identified hashtags that related to major landmarks found along the routes (e.g.. #murciacatedral) and analysed how many likes were received on more than 400 million photos, giving us the ultimate Spanish roadtrips.


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Within 3 months of us starting outreach, the ES website saw an 11% increase in the number of keywords ranking for positions 1-3, and a 43% increase in keywords ranking for positions 4-10. This translated into a 10% increase in organic clicks during that time period.

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