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Have you ever wondered what the selfies we choose to upload to social media can reveal about the emotions we’re showing to our followers? Using AI emotion recognition, we scanned the faces of hundreds of thousands of anonymous Instagram photos in Spain, France, and around the world to reveal what the most common emotions are that we like to display in #selfies.


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We created two versions of Instagram's Emotions for Lookfantastic's Spanish and French sites. For each country, we found an anonymous sample of geotagged Instagram posts with the hashtag #selfie and scanned them all with an innovative facial recognition tool called Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure scans photos of faces and measures the levels of different emotions present in them. Using this tool, we were able to compare how the emotions in France and Spain's tagged #selfies compared to a different sample of #selfies found in photos all around the world.

In addition, for both countries and globally, we discovered the cities where the happiest #selfies were posted. We also scanned the accounts of some of the most popular celebrities and influencers in France and Spain and compared their accounts' happiness levels to the average Instagram user in each country.

In total, we sourced and analysed hundreds of thousands of Instagram photos for both the French and Spanish versions of this campaign. We went on to achieve incredible links from some of the biggest publications in our target countries.


  • 7259


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