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Is a billionaire more likely to have a degree than you or me? Working with GoCompare, we took two decades’ worth of financial data on the richest people in the world to create a bespoke piece of branded content that would tell a simple yet compelling story about immense wealth - and the people who have it.


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Billionaires League was a light-hearted yet informative piece that would be of interest to anyone who has ever wondered about the lives of the loaded. Our strategy was to create a data-based campaign using data from rich lists over the last 20 years to draw out key insights about the background and make-up of global billionaires.

We collected most of our data from Forbes which we knew would help give the campaign authority. This gave us basic information about the richest people on the planet, including age, location, net worth, and business ventures.

We undertook a huge research effort to find out more obscure facts about each billionaire, such as how many of them wear glasses, what their star signs are, and even how many are bald! By putting these stories together in a series of shareable, interactive graphs, we were confident that we would get significant coverage from a range of publications.


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