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Working with Farfetch We've looked at the most valuable shoes currently on the market, as well as rare models that have skyrocketed in value since their retail debut. Find out if a pair from your own collection has made it onto our lists.


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Sneaker fans are some of the most passionate collectors, and the resale market is now worth well over $1 billion. From Nike Dunks to Air Jordans, some of the rarest pairs of shoes can fetch tens of thousands of dollars at auction, while others have seen their value appreciate by more than 1000x their original price.

Lifestyle, hip-hop, streetwear fashion, and money journalists love to follow the most recent collectable sneaker trends and valuations. We wanted to tap into the conversation by providing a definitive breakdown of the most valuable and appreciative trainers in modern times. By collaborating with Stadium Goods, THE experts in this particular area, we were able to bring together interesting data along with the opinions of professional valuators to help tell how and why so many of these shoes have become worth such vast sums of money.


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