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The electric car race continues to speed up. We partnered with GoCompare to analyse the charging infrastructure of member countries from the international energy agency to find out which road networks are better prepared for a cleaner, more renewable future.


1. Achieve top-tier, authoritative, editorially valid links that increase site authority.
2. Achieve a minimum of 50 pieces of linked coverage and a minimum LinkScore of 1,000 points.
3. Maintain the client’s number one ranking for car insurance.
4. Support and increase brand recognition efforts through coverage, social and print.


Electric cars still feel a bit like a novelty, but slowly and surely they are becoming more prevalent, so we were interested in investigating just how popular they have become by analysing the charging infrastructure of 30 member countries from the International Energy Agency. Specifically, we looked at;

• The number of normal power (> 3.7 kW and ≤ 22 kW) and fast power (AC 43 kW chargers, DC chargers, inductive and Tesla Superchargers) charging points that are publicly accessible.
• The number of publicly accessible charging points per kilometre of each country’s road network.
• Each country's electric car stock (incl. battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars) vs its number of publicly accessible charging points.
• The number of petrol stations vs the number of publicly accessible charging points in each country.

Because we had the resource to research, clean and analyse such a huge amount of information we were able to provide journalists with a wide range of angles.

By looking into things such as the number of electric cars and charging points, we were able to find out which nations are better prepared for a cleaner, more renewable future.


• We created an informative and unique piece of content that is hugely relevant and stacked full of angles
100 linking root domains from some of the biggest authority sites including;, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Auto123, ZDNet, MSN, Daily Telegraph and Yahoo
• A LinkScore of 5,289 points
• More than 330k total views
• Over 11,000 shares on social media through coverage as well as through the campaign page itself
• As a result of the coverage in Australia, independent senator Tim Storer led an inquiry in Australia’s Parliament into the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia
• We maintained GoCompare at position one for “Car Insurance” (hero keyword with 675k searches per month), “Car Insurance Online” (2k searches a month) moved from position 61 to four, and “Best Car Insurance” (8.1k searches a month) moved from position 13 to nine

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