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British Soaps Life and Death

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Love affairs, estranged families and murders: British soap operas have entertained the nation with their daily drama for decades, but are they really so far-fetched? We worked with Buzz Bingo to rank Britain's longest-running soaps by how frequent their more dramatic moments actually are, and compared their statistics to the real world.


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Using data from Wikipedia we sourced birth, death, murder and marriage data from each soap’s page. We then compared this information to data collected from the Office for National Statistics to make comparisons to real life. Our team of designers and developers collated the information to then create a shareable asset that would pique the interest of journalists.


• We launched a unique creative campaign with fascinating statistics
15 linking root domains from some of the biggest authority sites including; Sun, Yahoo
Entertainment, Daily Star (12 times), NME, Digital Spy, Mirror Online, Daily Mail, Evening
Standard, MSN, and Independent Online
• More than 415,000 campaign views
• Over 7,000 shares on social media through coverage as well as through the campaign page itself
• A LinkScore of 653 points
• Visibility for Buzz Bingo grew 1500% from when we commenced work in October 2018

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