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The top Instagrammers have made a career out of ‘influencing’, often earning fortunes just from sponsored posts... but who makes the most?


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2. Increase organic search rankings to increase the client’s traffic.


We all know that social media influencers can rake in the big bucks from their Instagram earnings, but we wanted to know how these celebs’ online earnings measured against their regular wages. For example, did you know that Christiano Ronaldo earns more from his paid partnerships than from his contract with Juventus? This is just one of the facts we uncovered when creating Insta Wealth for Buzz Bingo.

We pulled together fascinating insights such as this through analysis of Hopper HQ’s Instagram Rich List 2019, as well as formulating our own calculations to figure out the value of each influencer’s followers. The campaign also comes with an Insta Wealth Calculator where users can work out the value of their own Instagram accounts, which is based on an eMarketers report on worldwide influencer rates.

Combine all this interesting content with our on-point designs and this piece was always destined to go viral!


A unique, informative and interactive creative campaign that was ‘of the moment’ and tapped into a wide range of interests including general social media, celebrity and sports personalities – giving journalists a huge amount to talk about
609 linking root domains (and still counting) from some of the biggest authority sites including; Yahoo, GQ, Daily Mail, MSN, Express, New York Post, The Sun, Fox Business, Russia Today, Business Insider, The Mirror, Talk Sport, Gazzetta and Aftonbladet
978 pieces of additional unlinked coverage, providing further PR for our client
• Around 7,247,449 total campaign views
• A LinkScore of 21,413 points
• Over 293,780 social shares
34 pieces of print coverage including features in the Daily Star, The Irish Times and The Sunday Times (Australia) as well as featuring on TV and radio including Le Figaro
• Viral coverage in over 91 countries

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