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Demolishing Modernism

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Demolishing Modernism is our tribute with GoCompare to the Brutalist buildings we have lost in the UK over the years. We honoured the famously divisive architectural style with a series of beautiful illustrations of demolished buildings accompanied by snippets of interesting information.


1. Achieve top-tier, authoritative, editorially valid links that increase site authority.
2. Deliver a minimum LinkScore of 5,000 points.
3. Support and increase brand recognition efforts through coverage, social and print.


Both revered and reviled, modernist architecture (also known as Brutalism) divides opinion in the UK. This became apparent in our office when the initial idea for this campaign caused heated debate, with some arguing the buildings we decided to feature were unattractive and others arguing that they were beautiful.

We know if a topic causes a heated debate in our team then it’s bound to be of interest in the outside world! Despite being recognised as an important architectural movement, many examples of Brutalism have been demolished over the years. In celebration of the style, we created an illustrated tribute to the modernist buildings we’ve lost.

Our team of researchers pulled together reams of potential buildings we could cover and once the shortlist was agreed they went off and found out more information about each construction and its designers. This campaign proves that content can go a long way with just beautiful illustrations, a well-designed website and interesting information.


An alternative and niche piece content that piqued the interest of a range of journalists
201 links from some of the biggest authority sites including; Yahoo, The Guardian, The Independent, Fast Company, Design Observer, The Northern Echo, The South Wales Argus and World Architecture News
• A LinkScore of 9,845 points
• The campaign was viewed 134,696 times
Thousands of social shares, including from the Royal Institute of British Architects, The Twentieth Century Society (the charity concerned with preserving Britain's modernist architecture), Deutsches Architekturmuseum and Arch Atlas
• The campaign achieved some fantastic offline coverage including Portsmouth News and The Northern Echo

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