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The number of vehicles on roads in the UK and around the world continues to grow, but is the road network still fit for purpose? We’ve collected and analysed data from the Department of Transport with GoCompare to uncover which roads you should avoid if you’re in a hurry.


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We were eager to uncover the true impact that the increased number of vehicles on UK roads was having on those roads over time. We wanted to explore: how time spent in delays has increased over the years; which cities in the UK and Europe suffered from the worst congestion; and which roads suffer the most from traffic jams and when the peak times for traffic jams are.

Analysing the data for motorways, A-roads, rural and urban roads was a big job and required pulling information from a variety of sources including the Department for Transport and INRIX’s Global Traffic Scorecard.

We cut the data into countries, regions, cities and even specific locations which gave us an almost indefinite number of angles for both national and regional coverage. Our designers took our findings and presented them in a digestible, appealing and easy-to-use piece of content that was accessible to journalists and easy for them to embed.


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