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According to Crunchbase, female-founded companies received 17% ($8 billion) of all venture dollars in the first quarter of 2019. While that might seem low, there's a different record of success when it comes to the making of female founders. We partnered with Tide and analysed the backgrounds of women who started businesses that received at least $1 million in funding to investigate.


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Based on two key pillars in Tide’s mission statement (entrepreneurship and gender equality), we created a data-led campaign analysing the backgrounds of women who started businesses that received at least $1 million in funding. We set out to discover which university or business school, degree, and location produces the most female founders.

The aim was to include as many interesting angles as possible, enabling us to reach out to each journalist with the angles most suited to their specific audience.

All data used in this campaign was sourced from Crunchbase, which is not only an unbiased third-party data source but useful for lending credibility to the campaign because of its reputation.


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