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Take a virtual trip along the Flåm Railway line, one of the most beautiful - and steepest! - train routes in the world. Explore the Norwegian scenery through a 360º perspective by using your mouse to rotate the camera and view the journey from all angles. We worked with Expedia Norway to produce this breathtaking piece of interactive content.


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Flåm is one of the steepest railways in Europe and was described by Lonely Planet Traveler magazine as the “world’s most incredible train journey of 2014″. We wanted to create a campaign that enabled people from all over the world to visit this beautiful part of the world from the comfort of their own homes using cutting-edge technology.

Using 360º virtual reality technology, users would be able to immerse themselves in the beautiful surroundings and learn about various landmarks and points of interest as they continued their virtual journey on the railway.

Many of the available 360º solutions, such as GoPro’s, required downloading plugins and apps on mobile. We knew the campaign needed to work well on mobile (as it would appear embedded within news coverage), as well as on a full-screen desktop. We took a two-step approach as a solution: the main piece utilised YouTube in the backend, but responsively overlaid navigation and extra information.

Once the piece was built, we targeted travel sections of large Norwegian, Nordics, and international media sites. We took a flexible approach and worked with publications to make it as easy for them as possible to cover and share the piece. For example, we sent The Telegraph an uncompressed version of the video so that they could load it onto their own video platform. By doing this, they were willing to share and promote it across all their platforms – securing 180k views in the process.


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