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If you’re thinking about investing, stocks or bonds might spring to mind; but they aren’t going to fill you with joy every time you peek in the garage. Motorbikes can be a surprisingly lucrative investment – we’ve uncovered some of the most profitable ones…


1. Achieve top-tier, authoritative, editorially valid links that increase site authority.
2. Achieve linked coverage with a minimum LinkScore of 5,000 points.
3. Support and increase brand recognition efforts through coverage, social and print.


In order to meet our objective of achieving high authority links to our client, we needed to create a campaign with a broad editorial appeal that was also very specific to the product.

As the popularity of TV programmes such as Cash in The Attic can tell us, the general public loves the idea of old, nostalgic possessions turning out to be extremely valuable. This campaign was built to specifically appeal to ‘bikers’, focussing on the value of old motorbikes and highlighting that they can indeed be a rather lucrative investment.

As this is a niche subject, we sought to collaborate with an expert to give our campaign credibility. As such, we approached Bonhams auction house who kindly offered indispensable guidance and expertise on collectable motorcycles.


An informative and unique piece of content that was stacked full of angles
374 linking root domains from some of the biggest authority sites including; USA Today,
Forbes, The Sun, The Mirror, Cycle World and Gear Patrol
• A LinkScore of 17,524 points
• Over 650,000 campaign coverage views
• Over 8,500 shares on social media through coverage as well as through the campaign page itself

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