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Would you be surprised to learn that Dublin is the world's vegan capital? Or that Phuket in Thailand might just have the best American food scene in the world? We partnered with Hayes & Jarvis and trawled through TripAdvisor to find out which cities contain the greatest proportion of highly rated restaurants for specific cuisines, occasions and dietary requirements.


1. Generate high authority links back to the client's site.
2. Increase organic search rankings, which can in turn increase traffic.


We began our analysis with a seed list of the 50 most-visited cities in the world. We then scraped TripAdvisor between 30 July 2019 and 1 August 2019 to find the cities with the highest proportion of a particular restaurant's cuisine (or dietary requirement or theme), and the highest proportion of high-quality restaurant cuisines. Restaurants were counted as ‘high-quality’ if they received 4.5 stars or above on TripAdvisor.

Through our research, we were able to uncover interesting and little-known facts about some of the most popular cities in the world, such as that Cancun is the best place to eat Italian food, Las Vegas serves the best Japanese food, and Prague is best for Indian! We also enabled journalists to write listing articles, the most popular being about the most vegan-friendly cities in the world.

Combine all this interesting content with our on-point designs and this piece was always destined to go viral!


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