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Several landmarks around the world are instantly recognisable and have arguably become a part of their respective city’s identities – but they could have turned out very differently. We partnered with GoCompare and, using the rejected designs for these landmarks, created a series of illustrations to show how they could have looked.


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Whilst this may not seem immediately relevant to GoCompare, the idea behind this campaign was to produce content with the ‘comparison factor’ that they are so famous for. It was also important it was about something that would appeal to general-interest and national publications.

We compared beautiful designs of famous monuments as they currently are with how they could have been, created in-house and presented in a clean, simple format.

Our outreach team targeted top-tier journalists with a range of angles and stories that were incredibly successful at piquing the interest of the public. The illustrations got coverage everywhere from Lonely Planet to The Telegraph and the Daily Mail.


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