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Verve Search announces Preply and TonerGiant as new clients

Olga Rtischeva

Olga Rtischeva, Head of Client Services

January 10, 2022

Verve Search is delighted to announce that we will be working with Preply in the French, German, and English-speaking markets, and TonerGiant in the UK market in 2022.

Preply EN, FR, and DE will lean on Verve’s expertise to produce compelling content related to language, culture and business that earns relevant, top-tier linked coverage in their respective European markets.

TonerGiant will be working with Verve Search on three campaigns focussing on increasing their backlink portfolio and visibility for key search terms, with the aim of earning linked news coverage primarily in top-tier business and finance publications in the United Kingdom.

The Verve team will spend the next month finalising content and outreach strategies that incorporate original, creative research on topics of interest for both clients’ audiences.

The strategy will focus on appealing to each brand’s most desirable and most read news publications in their chosen markets, including: Forbes, Business Insider and Quartz.

Watch this space for the very exciting creative link building strategies to come!

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