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outREACH Workshop Video 3 – Measuring the Quality of Links

James Finlayson

James Finlayson

June 2, 2020

This is the third and final video from our free outREACH workshop. This was a series of workshops teaching actionable tips and techniques that will enhance your creative content and link-building strategy.

In this third part of the series, James Finlayson, Head of Strategy, discusses different methods for measuring the quality of your outreach efforts. He also talks about history of updates and how this has impacted the way we look at links.

If you haven’t already seen the first in the series, feel free to follow this link and check out Lisa Myers, the CEO and Founder of Verve Search, as she goes through the concept and ideation process of creative campaigns. You can also see Alex Cassidy’s presentation here to learn more about our team’s outreach strategy. 

Join us for our next event. On 12th June we are hosting outREACH Online Conference which is a fantastic opportunity for you, or members of your team to hear from the best SEO’s, link-developers, content creators and marketers in the industry including marketing wizard Rand FishkinShannon McGuirk (Aira), Carrie Rose (Rise at Seven), our very own Lisa Myers and many many more. We hope that you’ll be able to join us for this event.

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