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Verve Search wins Best Large SEO Agency in Europe!

Lisa Myers

Lisa Myers

May 9, 2017

It’s official, we’re the best Large SEO Agency in Europe!!
(It’s not bragging if it’s true!.)

Verve Search Celebrations

On Thursday 27th April, eight members of the Verve Search team (plus two of our lovely clients from Expedia and Gocompare) flew from London to Krakow to attend the 6th Annual European Search Awards 2017. As usual it was a glitzy and glamorous affair, with lots of polish vodka with some pretty stiff competition to match.  We were honoured to be nominated a total of nine times.

What makes us the best SEO agency in Europe?

  • Poland TeamWe launched 50 creative campaigns in the last 12 months, generating over 1,780 high authority links from the biggest authority sites in the world including; BBC, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, New York Times and many more.
  • Additional offline coverage including; ITV 8 o’clock News, The Observer print coverage and even tweet by NASA.
  • Average of 40% increase in organic visibility YoY for our clients.

Surbiton Team

What makes an award winning agency is the people that work here and our fantastic clients. We genuinely feel like an extension of our clients teams and vice versa.

Our vision is to be “THE destination for digital pioneers”, we work hard to make that a reality. The talent, dedication, drive and most of all the mindset, is what sets us apart. We make shit happen!

Whilst part of team Verve were in Poland, the remaining ‘Ververs’ were at our local pub in Surbiton, following the action on Tweet Deck.  We could feel the love and support from 1,021 miles away.

We are very PROUD to have received this prestigious award and dedicate it to the everyone in the Verve Team and our amazing clients. Thank YOU!

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