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These little applications have specific functions, such as a hit counter or an IP address display, which can work perfectly for link baiting.


The world’s leading search engine was created by two Standford students. Google was the first company, who were analyzing link data via Pagerank.

Google Bot

The Google bot or so-called Google spider is a search bot software, which is designed to view webpages and take all results to the central database, where Google starts scoring or ranking websites.

Google Base

A free database created by Google for useful internal information.

Google Bomb

This funny gimmick allows webmasters to change the search results for a specific search query, such as having entering the search query - miserable failure - and getting results on George Bush on the first page.

Google Bowling

This cheeky method is used to kick competitors out of the search results or lower their site rank by linking a great amount of low quality and dodgy links to their website. However, it is much easier to impact newer sites than older ones.

Google Checkout

This is Google’s payment service, in order to provide a quick and secure checkout process with one single login.

Google Dance

This out-of-date term was used to describe discrepancies in the SERPs due to the constant updates of Google and their algorithm.

Google Juice

This term is used as a slang term for the Google Pagerank.

Google Keyword Tool

This Google Adword tool gives you rough estimations of the search volumes for different search queries.

Google Sitemaps

Webmasters can use this program to help Google index their contents.

Google Sitelinks

These sitelinks appear on the bottom of the top website on the search result. These links are numerous deep links with relevant content within your sitemap.

Google Trends

This tool helps you to see changes in search volumes for particular search queries over a period of time.