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5 Rare Coins of the Last 10 years

Alex Cassidy

Alex Cassidy

January 24, 2018

The change in your pocket could be worth a small fortune. We’re not just talking coins that have been used in the last century, but even those from the previous decade. Here are five of the rarest coins since 2008 that could be hiding in your piggy bank, that you’d want to sell rather than spend.

 2008 Undated twenty pence

Original worth: 0.20p, value now £100

With a percentage value increase of nearly 40,000%, the undated twenty pence is one of the rarest error coins that could be hiding among your change. This ‘mule’ coin was caused by an error in 2008, where there was an incorrect pairing of obverse and reverse dies. Estimates from the Royal Mint believe there are around 200,000 of these coins released.

2009 Kew Gardens fifty pence

Original worth: 0.50p, value now: £30

 The most scarce 50p in general circulation, there were only 210,000 of these coins released by the Royal mint in 2009. The design features the famous Chinese Pagoda, which dates back to 1761. Although the coin has been released for 10 years, the sheer low number available make this a real gem of a coin to find.

2016 Peter Rabbit coloured fifty pence

Original worth: 0.50p, value now: £600

Although a collector coin, and not typically available except from specialist vendors. The coloured 50p featuring Beatrix Potter’s famous rabbit creation is one of the most sought after now that it is sold out. Some vendors have been selling them for over the estimated price, with the range typically falling between £500 and £800.

2007 Elisabeth II ‘Abolition of the Slave Trade’ error coin

Original worth: £2.00, value now £1,100

Another error coin, the problem with this 2007 two pound release was the inscription on the side. This mixup occurred because the actual inscription ‘AM I NOT A MAN AND BROTHER’, on the Abolition Slave Trade coin, was instead inscribed ‘UNITED INTO ONE KINGDOM’ (which was supposed to be from the Act of Union Anniversary coin instead).

 2012 Olympics swimming fifty pence

Original worth: 0.50p, value now: £1000

29 different 50p coins were released to coincide with the 2012 Olympics, all of them showing a different sport. But the rarest 50p occurred because of an error, the Aquatics 50p originally showed the waves covering the swimmer’s face, these were later adapted to have the face clear. It is unknown how many of the coins there are, and the subtlety in difference make them hard to spot, but if you can, it could earn you nearly £1000.

This post was written by Alex Cassidy, one of England’s leading coin experts. Following his pHD in the foundational principles of Mesopotamian minas as a dominant currency in 250BC society he became a founding member of the British Association of Numismatic Societies. He has been prominently featured in The MetroThe Mirror, ITV and many other international publications on the subject.

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