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Vaiga Perkauskaite

Web Developer

Vaiga was born and raised in Lithuania where she had gained her degree in computer science. After university she found her passion for film making and the film and tv studies is what originally brought her to UK. After her first semester in university she quit her studies after realising that working in film industry is not as creative and as much fun as making your own independent films. She didn’t go back to Lithuania though as she fell in love with the amazing city of London. Inspired to look for new opportunities she discovered a web development- an industry which seemed like a perfect fit for her creative and technical mind.

Vaiga still pursues her passion for film making by making music videos on her spare time. She is also a keen gym goer, a music junkie and a film nerd.

Vaiga Perkauskaite
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

Vaiga has hit the ground running and is showing off her many web dev skills. We're so happy to have her join the production team!

Louise Davis, Head of Production