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The objectives:

The overall objectives were to:

  • Generate high authority links
  • Increasing organic search engine rankings, thus increasing traffic.

Our primary target was to get coverage on NRK (Norwegian equivalent to the BBC), as well as local newspapers around Northern Norway. Beyond that we wanted our campaign to feature in other relevant travel and history sites.

Narvik Screenshot

  The results:

  • Unique collaborative creative campaign with quality in focus
  • 100 linking root domains from some of the biggest authority sites in Norway including;
  • NRK (Norway’s largest TV station, equivalent to BBC)
  • The Norwegian Royal Family
  • The Norwegian Armed Forces
  • The German Embassy in Oslo.
  • The campaign is also on Bjerkvik Schools list for additional information about WW2.
  • 22,211 campaign views (given the size of the Norwegian population this would equate to 242,266 views in a country like the UK)
  • According to Searchmetrics the website broke in to the top 150 most visible websites in the whole of Norway.
  • 7,100 shares on social media through the coverage it gained; as well as through the campaign page itself (Twitter data counted until they implemented tracking changes).
  • Shares from Social Media accounts of: The Imperial War Museum, The Churchill War Rooms and Aftenposten (Norway’s largest newspaper).

Narvik Coverage

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