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Technical SEO

Although we often refer to Technical SEO as 15% of the SEO process, it is probably the most important part of the Search Engine Optimisation process. If your website isn’t fully technically optimised for the search engines, you can risk not even being IN the index at all, let alone rank highly!

We have seen plenty of examples of small and large brands getting it wrong. From accidentally no-indexing an entire site, to having serious canonicalisation issues that lead to the loss of thousands of links. It goes without saying, technical SEO is vitally important.

Our technical SEO process starts as soon as we start talking with a potential client, auditing the current status of your website from a technical SEO perspective. Here are some of the most common technical SEO issues we look at:

  • Site Architecture: How your website is built can impact SEO. If your website is huge and users have to drill down far into your site to reach a certain page, it’s likely that those pages will be difficult to rank highly. This means that your keyword and link development strategy needs to be aligned with the site in order to get deep pages ranked.
  • Canonicalisation: Canonicaliasation is one of the most common issues in Technical SEO. It basically means that you have several URLs loading the same content. The issue with this is that the search engine will only index one version, so if you have links to any of the other versions, they will not be counted in your battle for the top rankings.
  • Pagination: This issue usually occurs on large publishing or ecommerce sites, where they have articles or categories spread over several pages. Similarly to canonicalisation, the risk with poor pagination is that the best possible page might not rank. We get around this by either consolidating the pages, by using the “rel prev/next” meta tag. Or if necessary using no-index on subsequent pages.
  • Geo targeting: Although we believe geo targeting is a strategic issue, it often gets lumped into technical SEO because of the new technical meta tag Google has released called ‘Href=lang’. If you’re serious about growing on an international basis, our vast experience and knowledge of geo targeting will give you the competitive edge.

To learn more about Technical SEO, view our collated Knowledge Bank below:

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