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On Page SEO

On page SEO is all about the SEO activity that happens on your site. We believe that on page SEO is often a hugely underestimated part of your SEO strategy. In a world where everyone is focusing on links, the importance of on page is often forgotten. We believe that content is, and always will be King, and on page SEO is all about content.

Often website owners are quick to identify their top terms, their “hero keywords”, that generate the most traffic. Yet, most traffic, and often the most valuable traffic, comes from “long tail traffic”.
We therefore believe that investing all your efforts in ranking for your top terms is a bit like investing in a whole football team of strikers. Which doesn’t necessarily get you more goals!

Verve Search therefore insist on building an on page SEO strategy that doesn’t only cover your key ┬áterms and phrases, but also assists the growth of your site’s long tail reach.

Here are some of the most common on page SEO areas we always cover:

  • Keyword & Competitor research (these should always go hand in hand). One without the other is a bit like Mick without Keith (yep that’s a Stone’s reference).
  • Keyword mapping
  • Keyword gap analysis and longtail keyword targeting
  • Content optimisation (title, meta descriptions, H1 and main body content)
  • Internal link optimisation
  • Additional content and on-going optimisation (often achieved in the form of blogging)

To learn more about On Page SEO view our collated Knowledge Bank below:

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