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International SEO

As an agency with 13 nationalities, speaking 14 languages, it’s only natural that one of our biggest strengths is International SEO. We know first hand that a site can’t simply be translated and expected to rank well in a different country. It is imperative to have local knowledge and an understanding of the language to be able to do International SEO successfully.

The most important areas to get right when doing International SEO are:

  • Geo targeting: There are billions of web pages indexed, and the search engines don’t simply include all websites in one index. They have different indexes for each different TLD (Top Level Domains) engines, for example and so on. It’s the website owner’s job to show the search engines which index they want to be included in. This can often be more complicated than you might think. From using ccTLDs (country specific) like and .de, to using the new href=lang meta attribute and country targeting in Webmaster tools.
  • Language: For us it is pretty logical that, to be able to target a country successfully, your website has to have a version in the particular language, whether on separate domain, a subfolder, or even a sub domain (eek!). Carrying out a proper on page analysis is even more important when doing SEO in a country outside your usual remit.
  • Link Development: To be able to rank well in a specific  search engine country index, it is highly advised to also generate links from that country, in their particular language. This might be obvious, but often doesn’t happen. This is where we excel, we have specialists and have experience in doing content outreach and link development in most of Europe, the US, Australasia and Asia.

To learn more about International SEO, please view our collated Knowledge Bank below:

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