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Sarah Vantellino

Outreach Team Lead

Sarah was born in Germany, but her family is from Milan, Italy. She was raised bilingual and
has lived in both countries, as well as in Mexico. She did her BA in Journalism and Business
Communication in Germany, where she also gained some work experience in a Marketing
and PR. She fell in love with London during her study abroad semester, so she decided to
move back to the UK for her MA in Marketing Communications.

A big part of her spare time is invested into the Dance Society of her university, where she is
still a member and in the committee. Besides performing, a big part of her role as team
captain is to manage society activities such as appearances and competitions. Otherwise
she can be found reading her kindle in a cafe in Shoreditch.

Sarah Vantellino
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

Working in both the German and English markets, Sarah's talents extend internationally. She is as hardworking as she is talented, and her grit, deterination and attention to detail makes her a vital part of Team Outreach.

Alex Cassidy, Head of Outreach

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