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Romi Di Vito

Outreach Specialist

Romi graduated from Southampton Solent university in 2014 with a degree in Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing. During her studies, she discovered the wonderful world of blogging and Youtubers, and went on to set up her own blog on romidivito.com which she continues to manage to this date.

Since graduating, Romi has worked as a content executive in the big city, before realising that the commute ‘horror stories’ she’d heard were in fact real. Trading in the big roaring lights of London, she now enjoys a 10-minute bus ride into Verve Search’s office.

Despite now having her own horror stories to share (including one which got published on the Daily Mail), Romi’s life goal is to travel more and run out of pages on her passport.

Romi Di Vito
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

Romi's grit and determination enables her to get fantastic results for our clients. She always comes up with orginal ideas and does everything with heart.

Alex Cassidy, Head of Outreach

Verve Search