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Rae Valters

Junior Designer

Rae grew up in the North of England in West Yorkshire ­Bradford where she first honed her design skills as a freelance Illustrator. After studying Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art, she then went on to receive her BA Hons in Illustration and Graphic Design at the University of Cumbria. As well as being taught in Graphic Design, she is currently teaching herself the ins and outs of Web Design.

When design, drawing and photography aren’t taking up all her time, she’ll be itching to get rid of her excess energy by playing sports, joining a new exercise class or exploring somewhere new.

Rae Valters
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

Rae’s a born designer, and an extremely talented one at that. We’re lucky to have her here!

Mike Perry, Creative Production Manager

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