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Petros Tsanidis

[vs_team_member name=”Petros Tsanidis” twitter=”@vervesearch” gplus=”no” linkedin=”” role=”Graduate Web Developer” email=”” phone=”+44 (0)20 8390 5944″ quote1=”Petros joined Verve Search fresh out of University and has picked up very quickly on the ways we work here. Petros is very eager to learn more about web technologies and is not afraid to face challenges head on.” quoteextra1=”Verve Search” quoteby1=”Nick Bushby, Development Team Lead” quote2=”XXXXXXXXX” quoteby2=”Joel Harrison, Editor” quoteextra2=”B2B Marketing” video=””]


Petros moved to the UK from Cyprus in 2014 to study programming/software engineering, something he has loved from a very young age.

After he finished his studies, he realised that his true passion was for technology, understanding how everything works and applying this to the real world. This triggered an interest in the reliability of todays systems and services, and to what extent we can trust them. Petros decided to continue his academic journey at the University of Warwick, where he completed his masters degree in Cyber Security and Management. Petros has a particular interest in blockchain technology, which he researched during his studies and wrote his thesis on.

In his free time, Petros enjoys playing competitive video games. He loves music and enjoys playing the guitar (acoustic and electronic). Petros also loves sports and is an avid football fan (both watching and also playing on the Verve Search 5-a-side football team).