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Milap Savla

[vs_team_member name=”Milap Savla” twitter=”@vervesearch” gplus=”no” linkedin=”” role=”Junior Data Analyst” email=”” phone=”+44 (0)20 8390 5944″ quote1=”Milap is new to the Verve family and has hit the ground running. Despite the fact that he had a full schedule awaiting him, he’s just got in and done it and blown us away with his talent and his drive. It’s hard to believe that he’s only been with us for a few weeks!” quoteextra1=”Verve Search” quoteby1=”Hannah Smith, Head of Creative” quote2=”XXXXXXXXX” quoteby2=”Joel Harrison, Editor” quoteextra2=”B2B Marketing” video=””]


Born and raised in London, Milap moved to Southampton in 2014 to study Business Information Technology at Solent University. After falling in love with programming and data science, Milap worked as a developer and on his own projects, involving machine learning, and then went on to study a Masters in Applied Computing.

Having an analytical mind, Milap spends his spare time in the online strategy gaming world, carrying ELO-boosted noobs to global elite and up the challenger ranks.