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Marcelle Antunes

Senior Project Manager

Growing up, Marcelle pretty much wanted to be everything; a Singer, interior designer, archaeologist and – the inevitable career after growing up with C.S.I – a criminologist.

When she realised she could be all those things (kinda!) by pursuing theatre, Marcelle moved to the UK to study. Graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Drama & Creative Writing at Kingston University, in her second year, Marcelle went to work at a digital marketing agency as a copywriter. This gave her the opportunity to do what she enjoys most; learning about different subjects through researching, which is where her passion for research came about.

After graduating and working as a freelancer for an Italian food company (where she got tasters – jealous!) she found Verve and realised it was the perfect place to expand her knowledge and skill-sets in research and copy.

Originally Brazilian, but definitely a multicultural kid at heart. Marcelle lived in numerous places including Brazil, Portugal, Holland, Ireland and England; a place we’re glad she can now call home too.

She is passionate about her faith, the creative arts and youth work, so you’ll often find her doing something related to one of those things on the weekend. She also adores food so if you’re keen about burritos, you’ve found yourself a new best friend!

Marcelle Antunes
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

Marcelle is a total superstar! Nothing is ever too much trouble and she throws herself into every project we give her with absolute enthusiasm. On top of that she is such a bright and bubbly person! We are so grateful to have her in Team Awesome!

Louise Ali, Head of Production

Verve Search

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