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Luke Irvine

[vs_team_member name=”Luke Irvine” twitter=”@vervesearch” gplus=”no” linkedin=”” role=”Front-End Developer” email=”” phone=”+44 (0)20 8390 5944″ quote1=”coming soon …” quoteextra1=”Verve Search” quoteby1=”coming soon …” “Joel Harrison, Editor” quoteextra2=”B2B Marketing” video=””]

Originally from Surrey, Luke completed his undergraduate in Computer Science and then his Master’s Degree in Information Security. After graduating he undertook some freelance web development and after finding a passion for it decided to pursue it full-time. His first role was another digital agency before joining the Verve team in Feb 2020.

In his spare time, Luke can be found on the rugby field or in the gym (when he can find the motivation). When not on the field he trades his boots for a controller is often locked away in a dark room, glued to a screen. An unfortunate habit he developed at a young age and is yet to kick.