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Laura D’Amato

[vs_team_member name=”Laura D’Amato” twitter=”@vervesearch” gplus=”no” linkedin=”” role=”Outreach Team Lead” email=”” phone=”+44 (0)20 8390 5944″ quote1=”Laura has a brilliant attitude to work, always coming up with fresh ideas to try and deliver new results for the team. Her experience working in both the French and English markets has been invaluable from an outreach perspective.” quoteextra1=”Verve Search” quoteby1=”Alex Cassidy, Head of Outreach” quote2=”Text goes here. Text goes here. Text goes here. Text goes here.Text goes here. Text goes here. Text goes here.” quoteby2=”Joel Harrison, Editor” quoteextra2=”B2B Marketing” video=””]

Laura is originally from the city of Metz, located in the north east part of France and famous for its Christmas market and beautiful cathedral. After earning a Bachelors degree in Business and Administrator, she decided to move to Bordeaux, the amazing city of wine, to complete her Masters in Digital Marketing. Her studies took her to 6 different countries in the last five years and she is now fluent in four different languages! (French, English, Italian and Spanish)

After travelling through Europe, she fell in love with London and decided to stay, which is when she joined Verve Search.

Her Italian origins make themselves known in her spare time, as she is a good lover with a real passion for pizza. She has been dancing for many years and still loves it, often trying to copy Beyonce’s moves (with varying degrees of success). If you ask her, she would probably say that her family and videos of baby pandas are her most favourite things in the world.