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Limiting or shutting down ad campaigns at certain times of the day in Google Adwords. Moreover, you could change ad bidding prices or increase the activity at other times. IN the end it’s all about maximisation of profits in the campaign.

Deep Link

Deeplinking means making a link that points to an internal page within the website. Therefore, many high authority websites start deeplinking within their site, in order to get visitors directly to the product or service.


These sites have a categorized catalog of websites, which target on specific niche topics. However, there is the issue of search engines not willing to trust directory links from poor directories.


Most commonly the website name or the URL is called website domain.

Doorway Pages

These pages are purely focused and designed to achieve higher ranking for a specific search query. Typically, doorway pages redirect the user to a page with other advertisements. However, black hat seo webmasters even cloak many doorway pages on highly trusted domains, in order to have a benefit until they get de-listed.

Duplicate Content

This refers to content on another website or page, which is obviously identical or nearly a duplicate. This leads to a lower trust ranking by the search engine of the website, because there is no unique content on your website.

Dynamic Content

this type of content changes over time or uses a dynamic language (PHP) to render the page. Although the search engine are indexing more and more dynamic content , but the best way is to rewrite the URL, in order to give the content a static look.