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This is basically a copy of a web page, which is stored by the search engine. Hence, when you are searching for something in the internet, means that you actually search through files in the engine

Click Fraud

Click fraud is illegal and refer to people, who click on PPC adverts, in order to increase the profit of the company . This means increasing the payable number of click throughs to the advertiser.


this black hat SEO tactic tries to show the search engines different content compared to the human users. This could lead to a ban of the site by the search engine. However, there are some legitimate situations, where you can use cloaking, such as changing the user experience based on the location.

Content Management System

This tool helps you edit and add content/ information to your website, such as Wordpress. Of course, there are many other CMSs out there, but most of them do tend to have slight errors. However, WordPress helps users to launch a website, without any ridiculous coding skills or understanding, which makes everything more easier.


Blogs and other CMS allow readers to leave any kind of comments or feedback.

Conceptual Links

these sorts of links aren’t just focused on the anchor text. The search engine tries to understand the link beyond the words basically, such as the words near to the link. More advanced search engines do try to find out the concept links rather than the anchor text.

Contextual Advertising

This form of advertising is related to the content of the page.


A successful conversion is reached, when a desired goal has been completed by the customer/ visitor, such as clicks or sign ups. They are easily trackable.

Conversion Rate

This is the percentage of users who converted.


A small data file, which is placed on a visitor’s computer by a web server, in order to track them. Cookies are used to help websites to improve use experience and help tracking conversions.


A program that visits web sites and reads through the pages, in order to gather data and to create entries for the search engine.

Crawl Depth

This shows how deeply a website has been crawled and indexed.

Crawl Frequency

How frequently the website has been crawled.


Registering domains related to big trademarks or brands, in order to get money by representing these brands and trademarks.