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Business to Business


Business to Consumers

Black Hat SEO

This type of Search Engine Optimization is against the guidelines of the search engine, such as the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Counter to that best practice SEO is referred to as White hat SEO.


This kind of website presents their visitors content in usually reversed order. That content can be time relevant, but don’t need to be. Moreover, as a user you are able to share that content on social networks or leave a comment on the post. Generally, blogs are quite authoritive with heavy link equity, because people will come back frequently and read the content you publish.

B logger

Blogger is a free blog platform by Google. You are able to publish sites on a subdomain ( or to your own domain.

Bounce Rate

This rate is the percentage of visitors of a website, who have left the site after only viewing one single page. This metric helps you to understand the quality of the content, such as a high bounce rate can be due to irrelevant content or low attractiveness of the site.

Branded Keywords

All keywords associated with a brand belong to this category. These keywords have the highest value and a high conversion rate.

Breadcrumb Nav

this refers to a horizontal navigation bar, where the user knows where he is and how to get back to the beginning.

Broken Link

This is a non-functional link, which doesn’t lead the user to the desired location. There are a couple of reasons for this error, such as the website is currently offline, or due to a move of the page’s location.


This is the main software application to use the internet. The most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.