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James Finlayson

Head of Innovation

James is a former lawyer with two law degrees and barrister training under his belt. He found his way into marketing as a geeky hobby. Having worked part-time at a full service digital agency during his legal training, he’d rank his friends’ websites for competitive legal terms just to see if he could. Eventually, solicitors noticed and requested that he’d start offering consultancy services. Since 2008, he has worked on accounts of all sizes from two-person companies to household names. He’s worked at two full-service agencies and an organic marketing agency; firstly as an SEO Exec, then Technical Lead and most recently Head of Search. After substantially growing the search department at his last agency, James moved on to head up the search team here at Verve Search.

James is a family guy and with the help of in-laws, his Arabic-food cooking skills are improving profoundly. When he’s not setting up obscure SEO experiments, he loves artisanal chocolate, photography and watching random documentaries.


James Finlayson
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

James is one of the smartest and most passionate search marketers I've ever met. He has the uncanny ability to get shed loads of links from campaigns of all sizes. He's also a brilliant teacher and is taking the Content Team to the next level.

Graeme Hastings Commercial Director

Verve Search

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