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Gera Kourtidis

Lead Developer

Gerasimos, known to his friends as Gera, is a Greek national, however was born in Georgia and raised in Cyprus. In 2010, Gera moved to the UK to study for his Degree in Computer Science at Portsmouth University. Keen to maximise his knowledge in the area, and having become a huge fan of ‘Pompy life’, he stayed on to complete his Masters in Software Engineering.

Gera is passionate about manipulating technologies with the purpose of creating simplified, user-friendly applications (who isn’t?!). In his spare time he has built a multiplayer online card game, as well as developing an app that will let new students learn how to code using building blocks to build algorithms.

In his spare time Gera likes to draw, watch movies, play video games and, of course, code. Gera is also a feeder and is regularly providing the team with hoards of giant cookies. He’s the best.

Gera Kourtidis
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

Gera is efficient and focused and picks up new skills at super-speed – there’s nothing he can’t do when it comes to web development. As we continue to come up with bigger and increasingly dynamic campaigns for our clients, it gives us a great deal of confidence to know that we have Gera on board to help us turn our dreams into reality. #TeamAwesome through and through!

Suhail Abood, Senior Developer

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