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Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.36.46 CASE STUDY: GO COMPARE, DIRECTOR’S CUT

SERVICES: SEO, Creative Campaign development and Strategic Outreach

MARKETS: UK and International


The objectives set by Gocompare.com were to create an engaging and shareable piece of branded content that would:

  • Support and increase brand recognition efforts
  • Achieve top-tier, authoritative, editorially valid links through creative content

Generate Traffic and Views whilst increasing organic visibility for their Life Insurance page.


  • More than 600 pieces of coverage, 90% linking directly to the piece (of which, less than 5% were no-followed) and about 40% directly linking to Gocompare.com’s life insurance product page
  • Coverage on big name sites like The Independent, NME, IGN, Entertainment Weekly and The Guardian
  • Viewing it through PR metrics – coverage on sites with a combined reach of nearly 400 million people.
  • The Hollywood Director of Guardian of the Galaxy, James Gunn, tweeted the piece in The Guardian and spent 2 hours replying to tweets.
  • The campaign also became a twitter moment as it had over 48k shares in 48 hours.

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