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What’s up in Verve camp?

First of all I have to apologise for being slightly slack on the blogging front, for some insane reason I thought starting up my own company would give me more time to blog. WRONG! But I am hopeful that after the few months and with regular clients in place I will get time to blog more. I really do enjoy blogging, but I’m definetly one of those bloggers that rather leave it to when I have something to say. Honestly :)

New recruit – drum roll
I can’t believe 3 months have already passed since Verve Search started, it’s flown by. And it’s been really amazing so far, in fact things are going so well that I have decided to recruit. And you might recognise him; Sam Murray! He used to work with me at Base One as one of the Search Consultants, and I’m really pleased to anounce that Sam has now been hired as a Senior SEO Consultant at Verve Search! Sam is a very talented search marketer, not only when it comes to SEO but also Social Media. He’s an ideas person, someone that takes initiative and most importantly someone that can actually handle working with me :) I’m very pleased to have him as part of the Verve crew. Exciting times. In fact I’m pretty sure he will be posting his first blogpost on the Verve Search blog tomorrow, so look out for a fab post by Sam. Yay!

SMX London – Next Week
Next week, Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th May SMX is in town again. A plesant change of ‘time of year’ for SMX as usually they come to London for November. I’m really looking forward to it, I’m a big fan of the SMX conference series. Not only do you learn loads from attending the session but attending conferences like this is a great opportunity to network with likeminded people and learn from others whilst doing it. Search is still a relatively small industry and what makes this industry so special (in my opinion) is the willingness between Search professionals to share their experience, offer advice and in general just be friends. In fact it’s nearly embaressing how many of my close friends are also search colleagues that I have met through the conference scene, including my fiance Jon Myers :)


This year I’m a speaker on the SEO Checkup panel, this is a different kind of session where there are NO presentations and boring repeats of what the speaker before said but a chance for the audience to pick the brains of 4 search experts. The other panelists are: my fellow SEO-Chick Jane Copland, the lovely and very knowledgable Dixon Jones and Jonathan Stewart from iCrossing (whom I haven’t had the pleasure meeting yet but I’m sure is a nice guy). This session will be all about you, your questions, your sites and how you can improve your indexing and rankings. This session is what it’s all about for me, and I’m geniunly excited to be on this panel. So if you are heading to SMX come and see us speak on Tuesday 19th at 4:15.

If you still haven’t decided whether to attend SMX, view the full agenda, this is going to be a fantastic SMX, with advanced session to help you evolve your search marketing knowledge!

LondonSEO Networking party
And if you are going to SMX London be sure not to miss the LondonSEO networking party on Monday 18th May from 18:00 at the Jewel Bar in Covent Garden. There is no charge to get in and you don’t need a formal invite, it’s simply a networking event for people in search, with a bit of a SEOdisco by Ciaran Norris . LondonSEO is always good fun and a fantastic oportunity to network. So even if you are missing SMX be sure NOT to miss this networking party. And if you do, make sure you come and say hello!

Tweet tweet
Hopefully we should be able to get some more blogpost on the Verve Search blog very soon, but in the meantime feel free to keep up with the Verve Search crew on twitter:

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