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Welcome to the Team Ruthie Roberts and Josie Sampson

We looked high, then low, then high again……..and it paid off!

We’ve been making an awful lot of noise recently, about how important it is to recruit the right people; people who are naturally creative but who can also think logically, and adapt easily. We know it’s not an easy role to fill, but our recent quest for the ultimate Creative Content Strategist went so well that we’ve ended up recruiting two new team members! Let’s say hello!

Ruth Harrison Roberts 

Ruth RobertsRuth has an impressive and diverse professional profile, having worked as a copywriter at prestigious London advertising agencies such as Lowe Direct and Zentropy Partners. We were equally impressed with her entrepreneurial spirit, having run her own fashion and jewellery business. An undeniably talented creative, we are over the moon to have her on board.

Working mainly on our fashion, travel and lifestyle clients – welcome to the team, Ruth!

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Josie Sampson

Ruth RobertsJosie is experienced far beyond her years and we were instantly blown away with her professional editorial background, which includes a stint at a little-known newspaper called “The Times” and a TV channel called “ITV”. In fact, we’re not really sure that we believe it when she tells us that she’s only 23 years old!

Josie also runs a popular fashion/movie blog – yet another display of intelligent creativity that she’ll be letting loose on some of our fashion and lifestyle clients! Welcome to the team, Josie!

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