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Welcome to the team Ben Holbrook!

We have been searching high and low for the perfect candidate, little did we know he was hiding in Wales, but we managed to persuade him to come and join us in sunny Surbiton. We are delighted to welcome Ben Holbrook to our team at Verve Search.

Ben is  a natural born entrepreneur having started his own coffee shop straight after university, but after working in the cafe trade for 3 years he decided to take a ‘year out” and moved to Spain to work as a language teacher. He then got “bitten” by the SEO bug in Barcelona whilst just minding his own business walking down the street. No not quite like that, he started working for a an online relocation company and was set the task of improving their organic and social media visibility. Ben then moved back to the UK this year where we quickly scooped him up after interviewing him a little while back. Ben will be working across our client portfolio on both SEO & Social projects and is currently a Jedi in training.

We asked him a few well thought out questions to help you get to know Ben, here’s what he said:

What’s your favourite movie?
I have watched “Catch Me If You Can” a thousand times and am still amazed that it’s based on a true story! I’ve read the book and the reality is even stranger than fiction.

Have you seen Star Wars (if not you’re fired) and which was your favourite?
YES! The first Star Wars film scared the hell out of me and I loved it!

Han Solo or Luke?

What is it about SEO that captures you?
It’s a dynamic and creative role which combines people, communication and technology. There’s always something new to learn and always something exciting going on.

City or Countryside?
Monday to Friday City. Weekend Countryside.

What’s the last song you listened to on your iPod?
I’ve never been able to listen to a song the whole way through until I discovered Gotye, check out “Hearts a Mess”.

Twitter or Facebook?
FACEBOOK! I don’t think I could have lived abroad for so long without it. Although I’m slowly but surely being sucked into “Tweetland”!

If you were stranded on a desert Island, hm I mean deserted Island (not a jelly or ice cream one) what would be the 3 gadgets you would need for geek survival?
1. A guitar. I know it’s neither a gadget nor geeky but I never travel without one!
2.  My iPod: 80GB of pure joy. It’s a bit outdated now but the content gets better with age!
3. A Skype equipped laptop: my friends are dotted all over the place!

Welcome Jedi Ben, let the SEO games begin.

You can find Ben on Twitter here!


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