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Welcome Max Brockbank to the Verve Search Team

We are truly excited to welcome Max Brockbank to the Verve Search family as our new Head of SEO.

Max started his professional life as a high-flying journalist, writing and editing for well-known publications in Cambridge, Plymouth, Tyneside and Fleet Street. It wasn’t long before these established brands saw value in joining the digital world and Max was called upon to help set up and run TIME magazine’s European Website.

It was during his 7 years at TIME that Max fell in love with SEO and really mastered his craft. Using his engineering mindset (yes, he’s also an Engineering Graduate) to analyse problems and find solutions, Max soon became one of the leading lights of digital publishing and SEO. His experience carried him on to senior search consulting roles for big-name brands such as Time Out London, Sky TV, and eventually, Hilton Hotels where he took on the challenging role of global SEO chief. Impressed yet? We certainly were!

Max’s vast and dynamic experience was obviously very attractive, but what like most about Max is his attitude. He’s a ‘yes’ person and believes that there is a solution to even the most testing of challenges. He thinks laterally, creatively, analytically – he looks every which way possible – until the best possible answer is uncovered.

In his spare time, Max loves hunting out (and tasting of course) new and exciting Real Ales. He still writes, when time permits, and can be found covering all the latest trends in SEO.

We consider ourselves lucky to have been able to “snap up” such a talent and we are delighted to welcome Max to the team!

If you are not already following Max on Twitter and Google + please do so now :)

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