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Verve Search WINS ‘Best SEO Campaign’ at the UK Search Awards

Thursday night last week (3rd November) the UK Search Awards kicked off at the Emirates Stadium (the home of Arsenal football club). Myself and Ciaran were attending the awards ceremony (Nick and Sam are otherwise busy on opposite side of the globe) and were super excited. Verve Search had entered and been shortlisted in the category ‘Best SEO Campaign’ with our client Yale Door. We knew the competition was fierce in this category looking at the number of shortlisted entries. You can only imagine our surprise and utter delight when the category presenter said the words “and the winner is…..Verve Search!”. I looked at Ciaran, who was casually having another sip of his drink and saw the change in his face as he finally recognised the words VERVE SEARCH (get there faster Joey!)!

Here’s a very happy Winning Verve Search Team with the category presenter Christian Olson from Crystone giving us our award (in hindsight I should not have been in the middle between these two guys, I look like a hobbit, ha! But who cares, we won!):

In proper “Hollywood” fashion we would like to ‘give out’ some thanks. First of all we would like to thank the client, Yale Door, for being such a fantastic client. I truly believe that half the battle with SEO is getting the clients to implement and carry out your recommended changes. In my experience it can takes months just to convince a client to carry out extensive changes to a site in order to be optimised properly. But Yale Door came into this working relationship ready to take on board all our recommendations and trusting us from the word go. Secondly, I would like to thank the amazing team here at Verve Search, all of whom has worked on the Yale Door account; Sam, Nick and Ciaran have all helped making this a winning SEO campaign. As a result of this great working relationship and our SEO knowledge we generated a 713% increase in Organic traffic for Yale Door in a 12 month period. And maybe more importantly and true to our ethos of ‘generating traffic that generates business’ the Yale Door campaign achieved a ROI of 899%.

It’s truly an honor to win such recognition for our work, go team!

For a full list of the WINNERS at the Uk Search Awards last week check out the State of Search winners announcement

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5 thoughts on “Verve Search WINS ‘Best SEO Campaign’ at the UK Search Awards

  1. Alan Charnock

    Christian Olsson is a legend, glad your in th UK pal and I love the food down the tie, must have been a good meal before you got to present to the new best personality in SEO.

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