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Verve Search WINS Best SEO Agency and 2 more awards at European Search Awards 2015

eusearchawardsWe are very excited and proud to announce that Verve Search has WON 3 awards at the European Search Awards 2015 that took place on Wednesday, 22 April in Berlin. The awards are an international competition that celebrates the very best in Digital, SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing in Europe. We are delighted to have won the following awards:

  • Best PAN EUROPEAN CAMPAIGN for International SEO with Expedia Nordics
  • Best USE OF CONTENT MARKETING for Idioms of the World with HotelClub


 The European Search Awards are now in their fourth year and the number and standard of applicants was extremely high as they were from some of the leading search and digital agencies and professionals from across Europe.

Best Pan European Campaign for International SEO with Expedia Nordics

Working with Expedia in four of the Nordic markets, we concentrated on getting the highest quality links and coverage possible. In a series of campaigns we worked with national and local tourist boards; promoting the most loved aspects of each country and local history/legends. We also built and launched a social network dedicated to the real London that was launched in those four territories simultaneously.


It would go on to be featured by airports, some of the largest newspapers in Scandanavia and drive real user engagement. Meanwhile, at Christmas time, we built a campaign that transcended borders – achieving coverage from Rolling Stone magazine in Brazil, Mashable, the Huffington Post US – as well as local coverage on, amongst others, Finland’s largest radio station. Combined, the campaigns drove editorial valid links from some of the most influential sites in the Nordics and throughout the world. With this came sustained increases in ranking.

Best Use of Content Marketing for Idioms of the World with HotelClub

Did you know that in Russia they say ‘to travel like a hair’ to mean travelling without a ticket and, in Poland, they say ‘not my monkey, not my circus’ to mean ‘not my problem’? In this campaign, we illustrated some of the most amazing idioms from around the world – bringing to life the eccentricities of cultures globally. Working with a V&A featured artist and involving journalists in the creation of the piece, this campaign targeted huge, global coverage from the start.

Idioms of the world

It launched with a bang on Mashable and then soon went on to be covered by the likes of Buzzfeed, AOL and MSN. By the time it hit the front page of Reddit (and was viewed over 600k times in a matter of days) prominent offline coverage by the likes of the Observer were only days away. By the end of the campaign, Idioms of the World, received over 300 linking root domains, was viewed more than 2.2 million times and generated over 170k social signals. Read full case study here.

Best Small SEO Agency

We’ve always thought that our pioneering, creative approach makes us one of the most exciting agencies to work for and with in the world. This year, the European Search Awards agreed with us! As an agency, Verve Search lives and breaths SEO and pride ourselves on quality above all else. Most importantly, we don’t just talk about what is coming next, we DO it! It was fantastic to see our culture, growth and results recognised through our Best Small SEO Agency win. We’ve embedded our entry video below so you can better understand why the judges decided our international and people-first agency was right to win this award:

It’s been a very exciting and busy year so far and to WIN 3 awards is a great honour. I’m truly blessed to work with so many talented people, and I’m proud of what we have achieved. Well done team! Do, or do not, there is no try!

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