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Verve Search Welcome Marta and Lene to the Team

2012 saw us working with even more international clients and it’s been an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience!  We will continue to grow in 2013 and have committed ourselves to recruiting native professionals, and providing high-profile SEO services across the globe. Here’s a brief introduction to our latest international recruits.

Marta Lopez Garcia - SEO - Content Strategist at Verve Search LondonMarta Lopez
Marta comes from the beautiful Spanish region of Galicia but has spent the last year enjoying life in London. She has a degree in Communication Sciences and a wealth of journalism experience, which she obtained whilst working for a number of different prestigious magazines in Spain. Marta’s interest in the online world has led her to the role of Content Strategist, here at Verve Search, where she will focus on our Spanish fashion and lifestyle clients.

Aside from her work, Marta is also passionate about photography and French cinematography (she also speaks French!) and spends much of her free time hunting out vintage fashion.

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Lene Sparsoe - SEO and Content Strategist at Verve Search London

Lene Sparsoe
Lene has joined us at Verve Search from her (equally cool) native city of Copenhagen. We were highly impressed with her professional background in PR and television, where she worked with countless mainstream brands and companies. She also has an MA in Media Science to back up her creative and professional experience and is excited to get to work on our fashion and lifestyle clients in the UK, Denmark and Sweden.

Lene is really enjoying her life here in London and can often be found roaming the streets with her camera and hunting out the city’s best street art.

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Verve Search’s team now includes natives from Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Austria, Russia, Canada, Wales, England and can speak Norwegian, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Latvian, German, Urdu and English!

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